Beagles Who Were Poisoned In Labs Finally Released To Run Free

The Humane Society of the United States released undercover footage back in 2018 of their investigation into an animal testing laboratory in Michigan that was killing thousands of dogs per year. It revealed Beagles suffering toxicity tests for pesticides, drugs, dental implants, among other things.

Thanks to the public outcry, the 32 Beagles were released from this prison in which they would’ve been poisoned daily for an entire year and surely not made it out alive. They went on to the Michigan Humane Society where they quickly found forever homes! 🙂

Watch as these dogs fun free for the first time while living it up with their new parents! From backyards to the beaches, the Beagles are finding out what it’s like to be real pets and go by names instead of numbers. And it’s a beautiful thing.