Blind Homeless Puppy Is Taken To Pet Store And Given Everything He Touches

Rocky Kanaka has done so much for homeless dogs all over the country, and he’s not done yet! Now he’s taking a blind homeless Cane Corso puppy named Kobe to the pet store and buying him everything he touches! For a dog who has lived such a rough life, he’s about to feel love and have a lot of fun in the process!

As Koke awaits a loving family and forever home, Rocky is showing him what life’s all about. Even though the puppy is blind, he’s able to use his other senses to navigate the aisles and locate the treats and toys. Remember, anything he touches is added to the shopping cart!

Rescuers and vets are working to see if it’ll be possible to fix Kobe’s eyes with surgery, so there’s hope there. Regardless, this is just the beginning of a brand new life filled with happiness and love.