Man Comes Across Kittens Frozen To The Ground, Grabs Coffee From The Truck

Kendall Diwisch was driving along a back road near his home in Canada when something caught his eye. There were three tiny kittens huddled together in the cold, snowy weather who’d been abandoned. He got out to help them and noticed their little tails were frozen to the ground.

They had to have been there all night, at least. Using some quick thinking, Kendall headed back to his truck to grab the warm coffee and proceeded to pour it around the kittens’ tails. This set them free, and they were saved just in time.

He took them home to warm them up and feed them, and the kitties were very friendly and grateful. Kendall posted about them on Facebook, and in just a few days the kittens found a family who would keep them together forever! 🙂

If it weren’t for this man, this story could’ve had a much different ending. Now they have the perfect lives together!