Rescuers save kitty from shipping container, then emergency call sends them away

Hope For Paws received a call about a tiny kitten living under a shipping container in a hospital parking lot. And little did they know this would be the easiest of two cat rescues on this day. Loreta got to work sealing off every possible escape route, and Eldad squeezed through with the nets.

After securing the little one with two nets, they took her to the vehicle and placed her in a crate. They named her Sparkles and proceeded to leave the parking lot when they received a call on the emergency line. A kitten had been hit by a car and was unable to move.

Rescuers arrived on scene shortly after, and it didn’t look good. They were as careful as possible to pull the cat out from under the vehicle where she took refuge and hurried over to an animal hospital. They would leave Catalina for the night as the team fought for her life.

Sparkles continued back to CARES for medical attention, and it wasn’t long until she was able to go on to be fostered by Cats At The Studios. But then they got the sad news; Little Catalina had suffered severe internal injuries and passed away on the operating table as doctors did their best to save her life. May her memory live on through the new life Sparkles is about to receive.