Hope For Paws Finds Kitten In A Sewer And Introduces Her To A Puppy Friend

Hope For Paws received an urgent call from Jessica Cohen about some meowing she heard coming from the sewer under the street. Having just come from another rescue, Eldad and Loreta were more than prepared to help this kitty.

The space was far too small for anyone to crawl into, but Eldad had the idea to smear oil from a can of tuna on the gentle snare which made the kitten comfortable and curious. After some patience, he was able to snare Molly and bring her to safety.

Molly headed back to Hope For Paws where she was cleaned up, fed, and introduced to a puppy friend. The two hit it off and had an unbelievably adorable playtime. Unfortunately, Yoda’s owner is allergic to cats and was unable to adapt Molly. So the sweet kitty is still looking for a forever home! 🙂

If you’d like to adopt Molly, please contact Cats At The Studios.

If you’d like to help Hope For Paws rescue more animals, you can donate here.