Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere With A Broken Leg, Dog Hears A Kind Voice Calling Him

A dog was abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no food or water and with a broken leg. Understandably, the dog had lost all trust in humans at this point in his life. But there was just something about the kind voice he heard calling out for him that allowed him to take a leap of faith.

As the kindhearted woman approached, the dog got up wagging his tail and walked toward her. Was she coming to rescue him? Could this be the person he finally learns to trust? It didn’t take the dog long to answer ‘yes’ to those questions!

The dog’s life was about to change completely. The woman took him to get surgery on his broken leg, and he got through it like the goodest of good boys! It was not an easy intervention but all went well. And now? Life is great! 🙂