Dog Fakes Playing In Order To Take Back Her Spot On The Couch

Kilo and Gypsy are both rescues who live at home with their mom, Holly Suarez. The two are best buds, but the sibling rivalry still exists among them! For example, there is oftentimes a battle for their favorite spot — right next to mama — on the couch. And when Gypsy claims it first, Kilo has a surefire plan to take it back each and every time! 😀

“This is how Kilo gets Gypsy out of her spot. Gypsy falls for it every time. Every. Time,” Holly Suarez said on Facebook.

Kilo will go over to the toys and act like she’s going to play to get Gypsy excited and off of the couch. This is when Kilo seizes the opportunity to reclaim her throne! Poor Gypsy falls for it every single time. 😀