Woman Sees Stray Who Reminds Her Of A Cartoon Character, Has To Have Her

Kila was just a puppy when found as a blind stray in Tijuana. Kids and drunk people would throw rocks at her, and she was completely lost in the world. But when a certain woman read about her and saw her picture, she just had to have her!

The woman said she looks just like a cartoon character, and she knew right away that Kila was the dog for her. Despite the fact that she’s blind and was abused as a puppy, she’s just the sweetest dog ever.

Kila can sense when life is around her, and she’s loves going to the park to play with the other dogs! When she gets excited, she barks to let everyone know. Kila’s just full of love. And she happened to come into her new mom’s life at just the right time as she was dealing with depression. The two really know how to feed off of each other and make one another happy. They truly are perfect together! 🙂

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