The Water Rushed By At The Bottom Of A Well As The Scared Dog Sat Cornered

A terrified dog found herself trapped at the bottom of a well as the water rushed by. There was nothing she could do except wait and hope someone would show up. Thankfully, that’s exactly what would happen! Some rescuers arrived on scene, and one man lowered himself down to go save the pup.

He had to grab her and make a quick climb back to solid ground. And once there, he made sure to hold on until he was situated so that the dog couldn’t run off. The good girl may have been saved, but she was still very hesitant and didn’t trust anyone. They loaded her into the van to get her back to the hospital right away.

Now at Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia, they found that the dog hadn’t been microchipped. She didn’t want to be touched and kept nipping at anyone who would try. But after a few days, Kana came around and fell in love with her rescuer! She will stay with him until the perfect forever home can be found, and it’s an amazing thing. 🙂