Dog Unable To Move On The Side Of The Road Meets Her Helping Hand

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a dog who’d been hit by a bike and couldn’t walk. The dog lay on the side of the road unable to move as the rescuers arrived, and her neighbor was so worried about her. They were careful when picking her up to load her into the vehicle to get her back to the hospital.

The poor dog was sad and in lots of pain, but they found that she didn’t have any fractures. She had some feeling in her legs, so they began to fear she may have a head injury. The dog didn’t feel like eating but appreciated the love and attention.

But it was the next day that she started to eat and her personality and will to live shined through. She healed more and more with each passing day, and two weeks later she could walk on her own but was still a bit disoriented.

Today, this community dog is back with her people, and she was so happy to be reunited with them! See Kali now. 🙂