K9 Comes Running Out Of Nowhere As Rodeo Wrangler Tries Challenging A Cop

Rodeo clown JJ Harrison put on a show that had everyone laughing, and it concluded with a job well done by a good dog! After he stole a police car, the man realized it belonged to Sergeant Brad O’Neil whom he embarrassed a few days ago by making him dance in the rodeo. So JJ proceeded to bring out his head of security, Franz. But even he was no match for K9 doggo Nero!

The K9 came running out of nowhere to take down the bodyguard, and everyone had a good laugh in the name of honoring first responders for the brave and selfless work they do.

Sadly, K9 Nero ended up passing away at the age of 14 years old after a long life and 10 years of service. He’ll always be remembered for the impact he made on the community while on the job and for the entertainment he provided outside of it.