Her Long Hair Was Covered With Matted Fur As She Was Caged Up With The Others

The Humane Society of the United States raided yet another dog meat farm in South Korea. And this time, they came across a girl they named June. She was covered in matted fur that just took over her long hair. They worked with their team in South Korea to take her in and rescue the rest of the dogs on the property.

After a lot of work and another job well done, the dogs were out of there and on to second chances in life. As for June, she’s already found her forever family with whom she lives life in the sunshine! 🙂

Over time and with nice grooming, her coat is once again beautiful and looking the way it’s supposed to look. She loves running and hanging out with her pup-siblings and likes picking fresh blackberries off the vine! See her rescue story in the video below: