They Find A Dog Behind A Wheel And Aren’t Sure If She’ll Ever Eat Again

Animal Aid Unlimited was told about a street dog covered in blood and found her cowering and hiding behind a wheel. It turned out the skin from her lower lip and jaw had been torn away, and they weren’t sure how she didn’t pass out from the pain. It’s here that we must say the video can be graphic in spots and may not be for those with weak stomachs.

They rushed her back to the hospital and hoped they’d be able to suture the tissue back together to her gums. But there had been too much damage. But they had to try to save her life, so they took a chance and removed the loose skin completely.

They worried if she’d ever be able to eat again and how else this may affect her in life going forward. But they were relieved that she was able to eat so well after coming to! Now, Joy is happy and healthy and just wants to smile. 🙂