Stray ‘Werewolf Hybrid’ Leads Them A Mile Down The Road, Then Stops And Turns

Prue and Julie of Mission Pawsible saw this werewolf hybrid-looking stray dog on the road in Bali and stopped to help. But the pooch was really smart and good at getting away from them. So they decided just to follow slowly from a safe distance. They did so for nearly a mile when the dog stopped all of a sudden and turned around and looked at them. It was time.

It’s as if Jethro surrendered to them right there and then knowing they were going to help! Mila took him home as a foster, and it was there that Jethro would blossom and come out of his shell. And as he healed, not only did his fur start growing back in, it changed colors multiple times! He became really close with all of her other dogs, and Mila knew what she had to do—Adopt him for good! 🙂