Mailman Sees Senior Dog Struggling With The Steps Every Day And Intervenes

Tashi the 14-year-old Labrador Retriever had been struggling to get around due to his old age, and his Mom, Karen, would carry him up and down the front steps every day to greet the mailman. Having just lost a senior dog of his own, the mailman, Jeff Kramer, knew exactly what needed to be done.

The mailman watched Tashi struggle with the steps every day while on his route, and decided to show up on his day off with a solution. Jeff had built a ramp for his dog, Odie, and saw an opportunity to put it to good use once again.

Tashi’s owners are admittedly not very handy themselves, but Jeff had their backs! The mailman and dog lover felt a strong urge to help a dog in need, and the Boulder, Colorado, family couldn’t be more thankful. 🙂