Lonely Stray Limps Away With A Deformity Before Biting Rescuer Out Of Fear

Hope For Paws received a call about an injured street dog, and JoAnn and Katie set out for rescue. They would set a trap away from the road to try and capture him safely, but he hobbled away on his deformed leg uninterested in the food they had to offer. An hour later, the dog took refuge in a garage.

Rescuers didn’t have a gentle snare with them, so they’d have to be careful and get creative. The scared dog hid under the car and kept showing his teeth. JoAnn ended up getting bitten by the pup, but it was worth it to her to finally have him safe and secure.

They named him Jax and headed back to the animal hospital where it was discovered that he was born with a rare limb deformity. The leg was short and not functional and only caused him discomfort, so amputation was the only option. This wouldn’t be a hard transition for Jax, and three months later he found a loving forever home thanks to L.A. Animal Rescue. Wow! What an ending for this good boy. 🙂