Pregnant Dog Is Locked In Backyard And Left Behind When Family Moves Away

Java the dog was very pregnant when she was left behind to fend for herself after her owners moved away. She was locked in the backyard of the now vacated rental property with no food or water. The property owner found the dog and reached out to a local rescue right away.

But the rescue was over capacity, and they had to send her away. It became clear at the vet that her puppies were due, but she seemed to be holding out to give birth as she was not in a great physical or mental state. Fortunately, Karen from Lost Pet Found Pet helped find Java a spot at Nob Hill Animal Clinic in the middle of the night.

With a roof over her head and surrounded by love, Java finally felt safe and secure enough to give birth! A few hours and 9 puppies later, they were off to Florida Boxer Rescue for care. Over the next few months, Java would receive treatment to help with the neglected caused by her former owners. The puppies would all go on to loving forever homes when ready, and Mama found a home of her own where she’d never have to worry about being abandoned again. A happy ending all around! 🙂