All Hope Was Lost Of Finding Their Pet When Big White Dog Walked Toward Them

Mary and Brent’s Great Pyrenees, Jasper, escaped from their backyard. He’d never done such a thing before, and they were worried. So they set out to look for him. But three days later, they started losing hope and feared they’d never see their sweet boy again.

Over the course of those three days, it turned out Jasper had crossed the Columbia River at least three times. The search became a community-wide effort, and the dog would be spotted before disappearing again. But his Mom and Dad then knew he was still alive and kept pressing on.

At one point while searching, Mary asked Brent to stop one more time. He replied by saying, “Why would we stop? It’s not like Hollywood. It’s not like the dog’s just gonna get in the middle of the road and run toward you.”

But that’s exactly what happened. They couldn’t believe it when this big white dog appeared in the road and started walking toward them. Watch the happy reunion below! 🙂