With His Back Arched In Pain, Stray Took To Empty Room To Raise His Paw

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to find a stray dog in bad shape. The poor thing had taken to an empty room where he was found by builders favoring his front paw that had skin peeled back by a vehicle’s tire. His back was arched in pain, and they had to get to helping him right away.

Back at the animal hospital, they gave the sweet boy pain meds and cleaned his wound. And just like that, his fear started to melt away! He now knew he was getting the care he needed, and he cooperated with everyone. And after two weeks, the skin was starting to heal back together! 🙂

By week four, they were able to start the dog on some light exercise. Jason was feeling well enough to be neutered, and his true personality was really coming through. The world is a little sweeter with this boy around, and just wait until you see him today!