Rescuers Had No Choice But To Sneak Up On A Cat With A Broken Jar Over Its Head

Hope For Paws received an urgent call about a kitten with a jar stuck over his head. At one point when he tried to remove it, the jar broke in half leaving a very sharp edge all the way around his neck. They needed to capture this kitty as soon as possible to help out.

The cat had never been touched by a human, only fed by a kind neighbor. So gaining his trust was not an option. Eldad would have to sneak up from behind and capture him with a net. The few moments of stress would be worth it in the end.

They carefully pulled the jar from the kitten’s head for a huge relief. Now it was time to get Jarrow back to the hospital for a checkup! Without the jar around his neck, the cat was finally able to eat and relax.

Jarrow is currently being fostered by Hope For Paws’ cat expert, JoAnn Wiltz. The cat is available for adoption through Cats Inc.

You can donate to Hope For Paws to help them continue to rescue more animals in need.