Guard Dog Gathers And Protects Family’s Bread When They Leave The House

A 6-year-old Rottweiler named Jakey takes pride in being a guard dog and likes to think that she knows what’s important to her family. That’s why anytime they leave the house, she gathers all of the bread and stands guard over it until they come back home! 😀

Katrina Frank

Katrina Frank believes that Jakey must see it as something of the utmost importance since they use it a lot, and this practice started about four years ago when the family moved to their farm. Now when left alone, she’ll find all of the bread, whether in the bread box or refrigerator, and put it where the other animals can’t find it. And she’s never taken a bite!

Katrina Frank

One time, they were out of bread. So Jakey took 17 cookies from a container and individually hid them around the house without breaking any. When Mom came home, the good girl led her to each and every one of them! Jakey takes her role as the “Guardian of Bread” very seriously, and it shows! 😛

H/T The Dodo