Dog Holds Rescuer’s Hand To Ask Her To Help Find Him A Home

A dog named Jack dreams of a beautiful place where he can go on lots of adventures and make lots of friends along the way. He wants to play all day and go everywhere with his human. Jack dreams of taking in the summer days and walking through the leaves of the colorful autumn all while wearing a smile because he knows his human will always be there for him.

Jack found out that this wonderful place that he dreams of is called “home.” 🙂

Jack was found abandoned on a roadside when he was just a puppy. He was rescued along with his siblings by Howl Of A Dog, and he currently resides in their care in Romania (but the organization facilitates international adoptions to the USA, Canada, and Europe). He’s seven months old and searching for his loving forever family.

For more information or to inquire about adopting Jack, you can visit