Gravely Injured Stray Seen Roaming The Streets In Search Of Food

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a homeless dog with a huge wound on his side. The stray was wandering the streets alone looking for food just trying to survive. He was a little shy, but he soon showed trust in the rescuers who approached with biscuits.

The stray was even calm and cooperative as they carried him to the vehicle to be taken back to the hospital for a checkup. They figured his skin may have gotten caught by a passing scooter at some point. But the wound was fresh, and the tissue quite healthy and clean meaning it hadn’t been long since the incident.

They cleaned and dressed the wound, and the bandage was changed every day for a month. He received lots of love, care, and food as his body healed more and more each day. Without this help, he may never have healed. But wait until you lay eyes on Jaanu today! 🙂