Tough Little Stray Found Hiding Her Pain And Wound From The World

Animal Aid didn’t know why this stray dog was hiding, but when they pulled her out from under the car, they saw the wound and source of her pain. The tough girl had been putting on a brave face, but she desperately needed help. The wound is hard to look at and not something for someone with a weak stomach, but the happy ending makes it all worth it. ūüôā

The rescuer saw that the dog’s intestines were falling out of a deep puncture wound near her belly, so they took her back immediately and prepared her for surgery. Once again, this little pup was brave and strong.

This sweet girl wouldn’t have made it much longer out there on her own the way she was, but thanks to Animal Aid and all of their donors, she’s alive and well today. Take a look at Iris now! ūüôā