Dog Who Lived In A Field All 7 Years Of Her Life Offers Paw To Ask For Mercy

Inna lived with a doggy friend in this field for her entire life–all seven years. They had a little shelter someone had built them but were alone other than the times this person would bring them food. Howl Of A Dog showed up for rescue, and it was a heartbreaking sight…

Inna just wanted love and affection, and she showed it. It was not safe for these dogs to stay here, and they needed to be somewhere secure where they could receive proper attention.

Inna is the sweetest dog, and she went on to the care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania who adopts internationally. Her friend, Zelda, went on to be fostered by a family in Germany.

And in an update to the YouTube page, it was stated that Inna ended up finding her forever home in the Netherlands! From a big empty field to love and care around the clock, it’s quite the turnaround and everything she deserves in life. Amazing! 🙂