Abandoned Dog Had Only The Snow Pile Under Her To Sleep On

A dog was found abandoned in front of a hotel. She had only the snow pile under her to sleep on, and the owner of the hotel kept chasing her away. They feared she would scare off tourists. But it was one tourist who decided to help out.

The tourist would feed the girl every day and even brought her a crate with warm blankets inside to help keep her comfortable in the chilling cold temps. This man couldn’t take on another pet, but he was determined to get this dog the help she needed. He wouldn’t leave the resort until he found a solution.

The tourist agreed to drive Indy all the way to Howl Of A Dog to place her in their care. His vacation had become a rescue mission, but he didn’t mind at all! Indy had no microchip, but she was able to take her first warm sleep in who knows how long.

Update from the Howl of a Dog YouTube page: “Hi everyone and thank you so much for watching the video! Indy found her perfect loving home in the United States, being adopted by an amazing family who also adopted another dog from us, a few years ago, little Minnie.” Amazing! 🙂