Dog Falls Through Surface Of Frozen Pool, And Dad Runs Over In A Panic

Many people across the United States are experiencing some cold, wintry weather they may be a bit unfamiliar with, and it’s a dangerous thing. A lot of people in Texas have been without power, and they’ve even found their swimming pools have frozen over.

Dan Holmes was outside accessing the snowy scene and damage when one of his dogs, Christi, ventured out onto the icy surface of their pool. It couldn’t hold her weight, and she crashed through into the freezing cold water below. Dad came over in a panic willing to do whatever necessary to save his pet, even if it meant getting in there himself.

Dan said in an update that although everyone was a bit cold, they’re now doing fine, also adding a warning to Facebook saying, “If you have pets be careful. Watch this video, thank goodness I was out near the pool.”