Dad Says ‘I Love You’ And Awaits Dog’s Startling Comeback

Dogs are smart, and part of teaching a dog new tricks is trying to get them to “talk.” The first thing that is usually tried is getting your dog to respond to “I love you,” because that would just be the best, don’t you agree? Well, take a look at the Husky below…

Dad tells his talkative Husky “I love you,” and the dog seems to be taken aback at first. Not exactly the response you’re hoping for after that kind of statement, right? 😀 The Husky lets it sink in and processes it a bit.

The confused Husky finally breaks his silence and lets dad hear it! The dog is totally hyped up and full of energy and sounds as if he’s trying to repeat it back. He reacts as if he’s a little bashful, and it’s too cute and funny!

Have you ever tried teaching your dog to say “I love you”? How does he/she respond? If you have a small clip or audio, share it in the comments! 😀