Husky Told To Get In Kennel, Repeatedly Tells Owner ‘No’

Sometimes our dogs are too smart and too stubborn for their own good. And when it comes to one of the most talkative breeds of all, the Husky, they can really do some back talking! How and where did they learn to do this? Gotta love them, though! 🙂

Dad tells Brian the Siberian Husky to “go in his house,” which is the kennel. The dog just sits on the couch wagging his tail, and then he starts dropping some “no” bombs! 😛

The Husky’s little whines sound exactly like he’s saying “no!” Maybe the stubborn pup actually picked this up from his owner and knows what it means. It’s hard to tell, but it sure does seem like the dog has a firm grasp on the word “no.” 🙂

I’m sure Brian enjoys his kennel on occasion for sleeping and resting and such, but right now he just wants to stay on the couch. And he’s made himself pretty clear, don’t you think? 😀

Can your dog “say” any words? Do you think they actually know them? Let’s hear some opinions in the comments!