House Cat Who Always Tries Escaping Has Efforts Thwarted By Parents’ Sign

Lacie Reamer and family brought home a cat from the shelter after falling in love with his big personality. They describe him as a “grumpy old man who secretly loves and needs attention,” according to The Dodo.

And when the 8-year-old cat got to his forever home, he let his new family know right away that he’s obsessed with trying to go outside even though he’s been an indoor cat his entire life!

Laci Reamer

Anytime someone would come to the door, there Hubert was trying to get out. He’d look at them with his big eyes just pleading to be let outside to explore the great outdoors! So his family came up with a sign to thwart his best efforts.

Laci Reamer

The family lives on a busy street, and Hubert has snuck out before. They didn’t even notice until they saw him coming up the sidewalk! This funny sign should help keep him safe now, and it’s entertaining to everyone who sees it.

As for Hubert’s love of the outdoors, the family recently ordered a harness and leash to allow him to explore a bit while being supervised. 🙂

h/t – The Dodo