Horse Rubs His Head Up Against The Puppy As The Little One Gives Some Kisses

There’s nothing like a unique animal friendship, especially when the size difference between the two is as dramatic as this horse and tiny puppy! Vily the teacup Pekingese pup met a horse named Tristian while at the Horseland Horse Center in Decka Simanovci, Serbia. And it was love at first sight! ūüôā

“While I was visiting the Horse Center a friend of mine wanted to introduce her horse to Vily and a friendship was born between the horse and the dog. They are friends now,” Zile Bocevski said.

The giant, friendly horse rubbed his head against the little pup, and the puppy returned the love by kissing him on the forehead! Hopefully this is just the beginning of what could be a long, happy relationship and the two can get together more in the future. ūüôā