Abandoned Dog Seen Darting Across A Bridge Over A Busy Freeway

Hope For Paws was alerted about a tiny dog running across the bridge over one of the busiest freeways in the United States. They needed to show up and rescue the dog as soon as possible to avoid any accidents.

When they arrived, rescuers saw the little dog following closely behind an unaware man. They pulled over and got out of the vehicle, and when the dog noticed they had food, he came running over to them right away. From here, it was relatively easy to leash him to take him back for a checkup.

The sweet and fun-loving dog was named Dingo, and he cooperated as he was given his first bath in a long time, maybe ever. They noticed he had a really bad ear infection caused by a foxtail inside his ear canal. The dog also suffered from Parvo and became quite sick in the weeks to come.

Dingo started to feel better and better with all of the love and medical care he was receiving. He was full of life and made his way to foster care at Cuddly Canines. But he wouldn’t remain there long…

Cuddly Canines found Dingo a forever home in Seattle, Washington! Dingo absolutely loves his new life and his new dad, Jimmy. And that’s pretty evident in the video below — take a look! 🙂