Man Rescued Malnourished Husky Off The Street But Never Dreamed She’d End Up So Beautiful

The beautiful island of Bali is home to many stray dogs, and it’s very common to see them while walking the streets. Because of this, so many of them are ignored and forgotten. But a man named Rico is an animal lover and had four rescue dogs when he came across a malnourished Husky on the street. There was just something about her, and he had to have her.

Abandoned and neglected on the streets of Denpasar, Bali, this Husky was in terrible shape.

Rico Soegiarto encountered the dog on the way home from work one night, and he noticed all of her bald spots and bones through her diseased skin.

She didn’t have long to live, and he had to have her. There was just something about her.

Without hesitation, he took Hope in.

Despite the terrible shape she was in, the dog’s brilliant blue eyes were constantly shining.

Rico knew he had to give her a second chance at life, and that’s exactly what he did.

So he got all of the necessary supplies. 🙂

“I don’t know what was special about her,” Rico told Bored Panda. “It’s about heart and feeling. I found her when I was on the way back home from work, she was in the middle of the street.”

He carefully nursed the Husky back to health with plenty of food, pet visits, and grooming.

He was beyond happy to share the results of the dog’s transformation and new look.

Now with a thick, lustrous coat to go along with those striking blue eyes, Hope is healthy and strong. Who would’ve thought she could end up so beautiful?

Hope is now part of Rico’s loving family that includes his girlfriend and four other rescue dogs. 🙂

Wow! What an absolutely stunning transformation and recovery for this Husky! We’re so glad this caring young man decided she was worth saving.

h/t Bored Panda