Homeless Man Disappears One Day And Leaves His Dog To Fend For Himself

Hope For Paws received an alert about a scared dog who needed their help. His homeless owner disappeared one day and left with all of his dogs — except for Garfield. Now this little one was left to fend for himself. The dog didn’t trust anyone and took off running toward the L.A. River when rescuers approached.

It was 100-degrees outside, and the dog finally stopped running. He was cornered but didn’t want to be picked up. Garfield also wouldn’t walk with the rescuers when leashed as he was really struggling. So they came up with the idea to wheel in a crate!

When they got back to the car, they gave the dog plenty of water and set off for the hospital. A nice blueberry bath would get him cleaned up, and after a few days with the medical team at CARES, Garfield was ready for a foster home! It was amazing to see him adjust so quickly to this normal life, and now he just awaits that forever home. 🙂