Dog Had Been Homeless On The Street For 6 Years When A Tourist Intervened

A tourist visiting Romania kept seeing a stray dog on the street while staying in the small resort town. She knew to contact Howl Of A Dog, and rescuers arrived on scene to help. The locals told them that the dog had been living in that neighborhood for years.

Rescuers named her Helen and got her off of the streets where she was deprived of medical care and stuck out in the elements in danger of cars and other animals. They made the two-hour trip back to the veterinary clinic where they ran some tests and found she had been homeless for at least 6 years.

Helen was diagnosed with a tick-born disease called Anaplasmosis. But with lots of love and care in this new chapter in her life, she overcame all the odds while in the care of Howl Of A Dog. And according to an update on their YouTube page, Helen went on to be adopted into her loving forever home! No one deserves it more than her. 🙂