Family Bursts Into Hysterics When Raccoon Decides To Hitch A Ride On Their Car

Haylee Lowry, 16, had just gotten her license and was driving home with her parents one night when her worst nightmare came to life. Well, almost. Haylee’s mom felt a thud and asked her animal-loving daughter what happened. The girl was devastated and nearly in tears.

She thought she had hit and killed, or at the very least seriously injured, a raccoon. But minutes later and about seven miles down the road, the creature crawled up onto the hood of the car! It turns out he was just trying to hitch a ride. 😀

The family burst into hysterics as the heartbreak turned to comedic relief. The animal was very much alive after getting lodged into the car’s front grill. The family couldn’t believe he was now riding on the vehicle as it sped down the road.

Posted by Michelle Carey Lowry on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The reactions are too much! As they continued to freak out, the daughter pulled the car over and the raccoon hopped off. The little fella walked away completely unharmed as if none of it ever happened! Unbelievable. 😀