Hero Dog Steps In Front Of Puppies During Porcupine Attack

Spike the dog is being hailed a hero after stepping in front of some newborn puppies and taking the brunt of the attack from a porcupine.

It all started back when a woman who owned 65 Schnauzers passed away leaving the animals behind on her large property in Northern Arizona. Relatives were able to place all of the dogs but eight in homes, one of those being Spike. The Great Pyrenees was terrified of people and unsocialized.


When the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) arrived to rescue the remaining dogs as part of the Rural Rescue program, they saw that one of the Schnauzers had given birth. These pups were out in the desert being guarded by Spike who had a face full of porcupine quills.


The dogs were rushed to Phoenix for care, and Spike would require surgeries to have all of the quills removed. A few were so deep that taking them out would’ve caused more damage, so he was given heavy antibiotics to help push them to the surface for a second surgery.

A few of the Schnauzers have been adopted, and the others are up for adoption. Meanwhile, the AAWL employees are bottle-feeding the puppies every three hours. As for Spike the hero dog? He will be put up for adoption after fully recovering. 🙂

H/T — AZFamily.com