Woman Cries Because No One Would Help This Dog, Drops Everything To Save Him

A woman was visiting a friend just before Christmas when they told her about a stray dog running around in the area that they couldn’t catch. So she went looking for him and found him lying next to a house. The dog looked like he had given up. She cried in disbelief that no one ever helped him.


She placed the dog in a cage and took him to the vet to get checked out. They said to wait it out until the 26th to see if he’d make it through the weekend. That’s when the woman dropped everything to be there with him to fight this and make sure he would be okay.


She made sure he had food and water, but on two different occasions she thought he was going to die. But the dog kept fighting. That’s why he was named Hercules. And one day, a miracle happened; Hercules was sitting down when he suddenly stood up and walked around on his own for a bit! This was the very beginning of his new life.

Today, Hercules is completely unrecognizable and living the life he was always meant to live. And it’s all because one person decided his life was worth saving. 🙂