15 Times People Helped Dogs Out Of The Kindness Of Their Hearts

You don’t need a reason to be kind, and a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Below are 15 times people decided to help some dogs in need out of the kindness of their hearts, and it’s what love is all about.

1) The time a vet sat with a scared shelter dog to help her eat.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscommentsb2xm1mvet eats meal from dog bowl so that a scared and rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

2) The time one owner spent the night with his dog at the emergency clinic.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscomments4nhkmethis dog had to spend the night at the emergency rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

3) The time a high school cross-country team took some shelter dogs on a run.

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4) The time someone took a dog diagnosed with a terminal illness on a trip across the country.

<a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBQA2ITODgBG rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Instagram<a>

5) The time a delivery driver picked up a lost dog and took him back home.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscommentsahib6zmy dog got out and a delivery driver picked him rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

6) The time a laundromat saved a stray from being taken to a kill shelter.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscommentsbe8y2asaving a dog from the dogcatcher rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

7) The time a bar allowed strays to sleep on their heated patio.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscommentsad9tbtlocal bar keeps heaters on at night so stray dogs rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

8) The time a groomer decided to visit a New York shelter every week to give dogs free haircuts.

<a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBZMFMZWBFG rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Instagram<a>

9) The time a store allowed strays to sleep inside to stay out of the cold.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscomments7jkcsgdog sleeping in a window display in turkey store rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

10) The time some kind neighbors took in the dogs of the bottom apartment complex that flooded.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscomments9c8eukapartment complex flooded at least 3 feet good rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

11) The time kids read to shelter dogs to give them company and ease their stress.

<a href=httpsyoutubeH4Fz8i185U0 rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>YouTube<a>

12) The time Animal Aid rescued a dog who’d fallen down a deep well.

<a href=httpsyoutubelLR GeEdTMQ rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>YouTube<a>

13) The time a loving dad built a ramp for a dog who had trouble using the stairs.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrHumansBeingBroscommentsaz9gadour dog has trouble using stairs so my dad built rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

14) The time a man took in a stray dog who followed him home.

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrawwcommentsakh66jafter swearing to never own another dog my rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Reddit<a>

15) The time a man built a train to drive around all of the strays he rescued.

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h/t – BuzzFeed