Mom Notices The Dog Comes Into The Kitchen Every Time She Says ‘Oops’

Heinz the dog is a big fan of food. It’s why they named him after the ketchup! He knows his boundaries and doesn’t hover or beg too much, but he keeps that watchful eye just in case something might happen. And then he swoops in! 😉

Karyn Dietz

And Heinz can be primed and ready even when he isn’t in the same room. He’s conditioned himself to come running into the kitchen every time Mom, Karyn Dietz, says “oops”! The dog knows this must mean that she accidentally dropped some scraps to the floor.

Karyn Dietz

Karyn noticed the pattern and then set up her camera to catch him in action and confirm the findings. And like clockwork, after exclaiming “oops,” here came Heinz with his nose to the floor! What a smart and funny pooch! 😀

H/T The Dodo