Homeless, Matted Dog Runs Toward Rescuers In Search Of The Help She Needs

Howl Of A Dog set out to rescue a homeless, matted stray who’d been living on the streets for months. The dog ran right toward the rescuers to ask for their help. Good Samaritans used to feed her scraps, but as her skin condition worsened, people started chasing her away because of her looks.

The rescuers thought the dog may have had puppies somewhere, but it turned out her breast was a bit enlarged due to a hormonal response to the heat cycle. She was taken in to have the matted mess shaved from her body so she could be properly treated.

Heidi’s road to recovery would be a long one, but it would be more than worth all of the hard work. Heidi’s coat grew back in, and she’s now happy and healthy and looking for that forever home! 🙂