Mom Tells Her Happy Dogs To Smile, And They Both Do It On Command

Dogs are amazing at learning tricks. And when they are able to pull one off on command, it’s an adorable thing to witness. The one you’re about to see here may be the cutest one yet, because what’s cuter than a doggy smile? ūüôā

Mom gathers her happy dogs and asks them to smile. Up first is the German Shepherd. Wait until you see her pearly whites! ūüėČ

“Show me your smile.” The dog proceeds to cheese it up for the camera. “Good girl!” mom exclaims after a smile well done.

Now for the black Labrador. Mom focuses the camera on her good boy and asks, “Are you ready?” After telling him to show his smile, we get another beautiful set of pearly whites!

The pictures don’t quite do it justice. Watch it in action in the video below, it’s sure to make your day!