Dog Who Lived At The Park For Over A Year Was So Happy To Finally Be Rescued

Hope For Paws received word of a homeless dog in central California and made the three-hour trip to rescue him. The poor thing had been living alone in the park for over a year. When they arrived, they saw the dog walking up to some people to see if they had any food.

The little dog was so happy to be found and rescued that he allowed Loreta to pick him up, no Lucky Leash necessary. So the rescuers appropriately named him Happy! The pup had no microchip, and they headed back to the hospital for a checkup.

Happy loved getting groomed and having his first warm bath in who knows how long. After having the fleas, ticks, and matted fur removed he looked like a brand new dog! Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue offered to foster Happy, and finding him a forever home is the only thing that could possibly make him happier! 🙂

You can help Hope For Paws save more dogs like Happy by donating any small amount. If you can’t, simply sharing the video helps.