Woman Is Driving When She Sees A Dog Thrown From Overpass, Stops To Help

A woman was driving down a freeway in Portland, Oregon, when she saw an object being thrown over the overpass. At first it looked like a bag, but she soon realized it was a pit bull. She pulled over right away and called her daughter, April Eells.

April works at a veterinary clinic, so Mom rushed the dog over there. The poor dog had suffered broken bones and torn ligaments and needed extensive surgery to fix him up. The Eells family began raising money, and they succeeded!

The family formed a special bond with the dog, whom they named Hank, and decided to adopt him! Also, Hank is symbolic of April Eells’ daughter who had tried to commit suicide last year by jumping off an overpass but fortunately survived.

“So, we can’t just give up on him,” April told KPTV. “They both have made it. And my own daughter had surgery again today and he had surgery last week, so I just feel like they just for whatever reason… there’s this parallel and he came into our lives for a reason, and my mom just said we’re not giving up on him.”