Scared And Starving Stray Living By The Freeway Made It Hard For Anyone To Save Her

Hope For Paws received an urgent message about a dog living by the busy freeway. They had to be super careful that she wouldn’t bolt into traffic making the rescue rather difficult to plan and pull off. Eldad showed up, and she ran off. After an hour, he decided to leave the area hoping she’d come back later.

It was two days later when the stray reappeared, and Eldad laid out a plan with Loreta in order to rescue the dog. The biggest thing and main goal was to keep the girl from running toward the freeway.

When they arrived, they were able to successfully surround the dog and leash her before she could run away again. The dog was scared and nervous so they moved slowly to help calm her down.

Hanako was really hungry and eagerly took Loreta’s treats. The dog ended up being extremely sweet, and she had a microchip that rescuers found when scanned. It turned out a woman rescued Hanako and her sister from the shelter so they wouldn’t be killed, and she gave them to two strangers and didn’t know who or where they were.

But she signed them over to Hope For Paws as Hanako’s legal owner, and the dog went on to L.A. Animal Rescue to be rehabilitated and gain a few extra pounds. Just two months later, Luna — the dog formerly known as Hanako — found her forever home! 🙂

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