Stressed Stray Sat In The Corner Shaking Until Rescuers Made Him Feel At Home

Hope For Paws got a call about a stray dog roaming the streets, and neighbors were concerned he’d get hit by a car. Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz arrived and found the dog in someone’s yard and quickly set up some fencing while he sat in a corner of the house and yard.

The poor thing was stressed out and didn’t know rescuers were there to help him. He was so scared and unsure of everything, so Lisa took time to talk to him and make friends before putting the Lucky Leash on. Then she gave him some more time to get comfortable before picking him up.

The stray was named Han Solo. They scanned for a microchip, but nothing was found. He was given a bath, and PAL Rescue agreed to take in the sweet boy and foster him while he waits for his forever home. 🙂

See his full rescue in the video below. To help Hope For Paws continue to save more dogs, you can donate here.