Dogs Have Some Fun With The Pool Before Deciding To Drag It In The House

Summer is the time for splashing around and having some fun in the pool. And just like humans, there are many dogs who love to partake in this summer activity! And why not? It’s a great way to stay cool in the hot sun while enjoying the outdoors! Just don’t be like Gus and get too greedy… ūüėČ

In the video below, the two dogs are out in the kiddie pool. But this alone is not enough for Gus! He decides it’d be better to take the pool inside the house and gets to dragging it toward the door. But this is where he hits a snag in his plan; The door isn’t quite open far enough for the pool to fit through, but Gus keeps trying! By the end, all of the water has splashed out ‚ÄĒ too funny! ūüėÄ