Mom Can’t Find Her Sandwich, Asks The Dog What He Did With It

It’s no secret: dogs love food. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get ahold of some, especially that tasty-looking human food! But when dogs are caught doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, they wear the guilt on their faces. Just watch here when Mom confronts Saban about her missing sandwich!

“Saban, what happened to my sandwich?” Mom asks, knowing darn well he’s the one who took it. That’s when the guilty dog coughs up the evidence — literally! The sandwich was in his mouth the entire time. I had no idea! If you watch at the beginning of the video, the dog’s even able to bark while concealing the sandwich in his mouth! He may have been busted, but sneaky Saban gave it a heck of a try. There’s just no fooling Mom! 😉