Great Dane Runs Alongside Dad’s Bike, Gets Tired And Hops In The Back

As dog owners, we do whatever it takes to keep them happy and comfortable. But there are definitely times we can be accused of taking it too far and become labeled “crazy dog people.” I personally don’t think there’s such a thing as doing too much for my pup, and that’s probably why I love the video below so much! 😀

When Dad goes out on a bike ride, he spares no expense for his dog, Luther the Great Dane. He loves having his dog run along beside the bike as he goes, but the last think he’d want is for Luther to become exhausted. So he created “Luther’s Waggin” to pull behind the bicycle for the dog to take a load off whenever necessary. This is a pretty great idea and allows Dad to bike for however long he wants! Oh, and Luther isn’t the only dog along for the ride… 😉