Dog Who Was ‘Growing Gravel Instead Of Skin’ Blended Right In With The Ground

Animal Aid Unlimited was called upon to rescue a street dog who was suffering from a serious skin disease. “Growing gravel instead of skin,” as they described it. The severe case of mange made the poor boy’s life so painful, and he needed immediate help.

They took the good dog back to the hospital to get to work, but he seemed completely heartbroken and just hung his head. His hardened skin was cracking open and bleeding, and he desperately needed IV fluids as he was terribly dehydrated.

Medicated baths would have to be the norm over the weeks to come in order to remove the crusts. And lots of good food and love would be needed for the long journey of healing. Today, Ramu looks like a new dog thanks to his will to go on and the help of his rescuers. Take a look! 🙂